There’s No Other Like Your Mother

Through memory, metaphor and imagined destinies, “There’s No Other Like Your Mother” examines the complexities of womanhood, one which grew out of societal and familial pressure defined by a seemingly traditional reproductive role. This personal photographic juncture began as a psychological exploration into the uncertainties and yearning that swirl in my heart as I decide whether to undergo the seminal transformation from child to parent: the fear that not having a child will yield a heavy loneliness; the possibility of losing my freedom, sense of self and liveliness; the anticipation of love and playfulness; the concern of bringing a child into an overpopulated, violent and fragile world.

As the window for becoming pregnant begins to close after turning forty, the vision of this ‘ideal’ woman continuing the matrilineal line starts to fade and acts as an abject weight in my current state of liminality.

With unmatched expectations of the woman I thought I might become, I navigate through the mercurial metamorphosis of becoming.